Gönye Design's Interview on Natura Magazine: "We love marble's uniqueness and thus enjoy incorporating it into our designs"

1 June 2020

We chose to tile the entrance, kitchen, and bathroom floors of our private duplex project, which is located in Erenköy / İstanbul with marble. Even before we sat down to design everything, we sat down with homeowner, selected the marble together, and created the house’s overall colour scheme around it on the very first day because we liked it much. On the one hand, the marble is rather lively; on the other, its black, brown, and grey tones compliment one another, meaning that it isn’t tiring on the eyes. Likewise, we chose to design the vertical paneling using very straightforward, calm tones to juxtapose the rather flamboyant character of the flooring. We prefer using natural materials in all of our projects, whenever possible. In this particular project, we had the marble custom cut to seamless fit the scale of the space, which it ultimately did. We were careful to go with the direction of the veins when doing the flooring. We chose natural stone because we wanted to ensure that what we had in mind dimension-wise was technically feasible, and because we also wanted to create a sense of unity that was completely gap free. We love the fact we were able to reflect the aesthetic freedom that the marble allowed us upon application, as well as bring out its own natural sense of aesthetic. Fortunately for us, the homeowner is a fan of natural stone. At no point did we have to sway them in any one particular direction. We selected the materials together, and had fun doing so. Better still, they were very pleased with the result! We feel that natural stone, wherever its used, lends a space a certain feel. For Mother Nature to mould it layer upon layer underground over thousands of years into its present form is nothing shy of a miracle, really. We’re talking about a material that has breathed life into and defined architecture since the dawn of time. Even as ever-advancing technology presents us with more alternatives to materials, they remain but mere imitations of the real thing. We love marble’s uniqueness and thus very much enjoy incorporating it into all of our design projects. On a side note, not every type of marble suits every type of surface. You can do a real disservice to marble if you don’t process appropriately. Furthermore, how a floor is layered out is just as important as the kind of marble you select for that floor. That said, if you fulfil each of these criteria, your project ends up perfect.